Military Transfer

Have you completed basic training? What you’ve learned in the military is valuable and could be
worth college credits. The more credits you transfer to Ashford, the more time and money you save. 


  • and many more!
  • If you don't see your community college listed above, ask your Military Enrollment Services Advisor about transferring your community college credits to Ashford.

    Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) >>

    AU-ABC is an agreement between Ashford University and the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) whereby students can obtain transfer credit from their prior learning to earn a bachelor’s degree from Ashford in less time. See the details of this agreement.

    General Education Mobile (GEM) >>

    The General Education Mobile program is designed to help US Air Force members fulfill their general education (GE) requirements in a mobile, non-traditional classroom format. Completing the GEM program is a key step toward earning your Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree at CCAF. GEM can be completed with five online courses at Ashford University, and if you already have some college experience, the number of courses required may be reduced. Learn more about the courses Ashford University offers to meet GEM requirements.

    National Testing Programs

    You can earn credit through various national testing programs such as: CLEP, DSST, Berlitz, etc. Use these credits to satisfy requirements in a Bachelor's degree program. Take the DSST exam at Ashford University's San Diego campus.

    高清美女视频亚洲免费_日本一级特黄大片_免费网站看v片在线Ashford University recognizes your knowledge. Don’t let your experience go unused. Talk to your Military Enrollment Services Advisor, and find out how many credits your past is worth.

    The transferability of credits is subject to Ashford University transfer credit policies, and requires the submission of official transcripts.

    The official transcripts will be evaluated to determine the credits that will officially apply toward an Ashford University degree program.

    * Lower division courses which are transferred for upper division Ashford courses do not count toward the 30 upper division credits required for graduation.

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